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Sestra River Developments (SRD) owns the 13.9 hectare property facing Voskov Street, which includes the majority of the historic buildings formerly part of the Sestroretsk Tool Factory. Its parent company, Jensen Group has been successfully developing residential, commercial and retail properties in St. Petersburg since 1993. Sestroretsk is a growing suburb located 25 km northwest of St. Petersburg. Located on the highway to Finland, this historical town is only 5 km from Sant-Petersburg's newly constructed Ring Road.

The redevelopment of the former territory of the Sestroretsk Tool Factory is unprecedented project for Russia. Only few single old industrial buildings were reconstructed in the country now having new office and warehouse functions. But redevelopment of the territory of a huge industrial complex of the last centuries into a modern multi-functional complex including construction of housing, a sports center and also creation of a local down-town with a proper infrastructure is the first project of this kind. Taking into account the rich history of the territory, the project was given the name "Petrovsky Arsenal" (www.arsenal-petrovsky.ru).

The development of the complex will include reconstruction of 10 buildings listed as a heritage with the change of their initial function and construction of new buildings stylized the same style as protected old ones. The Master Plan has been developed by a well-known English architectural bureau Paul Davis & Partners. Experts of the company have a great experience in designing of the housing and commercial real estate and in redevelopment of industrial territories.

Project dates: 2006�2011



A new tenant!

A new tenant has appeared in "Mosin's House" office center!



A new tenant!

A new tenant has appeared in "Mosin's house" business center.



A new tenant

A new tenant has appeared in �Mosin�s House� office center.



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